"EVAR" Surgery was performed to Ayşe Arslan, 84 years old

EVAR (closed surgery) was performed to 84-year-old Ayşe Arslan, who was diagnosed with ballooning in the abdominal artery in Antalya. According to the written statement made by Medical Park Antalya Heart Hospital, Ayşe Arslan, 84, who lives in Anamur district, was given stomach medication in the hospital where she went with the thought that she might have stomach discomfort due to her stomach ache, weakness and loss of appetite. After the drug, Arslan said that his pain did not go away, and ultrasound was taken from his stomach. Arslan was diagnosed with ballooning (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm) in the main artery of the abdomen. Arslan, who is dangerous to have surgery due to his age and has the risk of losing his life as a result of the bursting of the balloon in his abdomen, is at the Medical Park Antalya Heart Hospital. Dr. Hüseyin Okutan and Opr. Dr. EVAR surgery was performed by İlker Tekin. Arslan regained his health after successful surgery.