Teachers of Cardiovascular Diseases Seminar

On 24 November Teachers 'Day, teachers were given a seminar about cardiovascular diseases in Medical Park Antalya Hospital Complex. On 24 November Teachers' Day, teachers were given a seminar on cardiovascular diseases in the Hospital Complex. Heart Hospital Director, Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department Dr. Hüseyin Okutan gave information about Cardiovascular Diseases to the directors and personnel of the District National Education Branch. Professor Dr. Hüseyin Okutan explained the risk factors related to cardiovascular diseases, ways to prevent them and treatment methods, saying “Taking the current form of daily living conditions in the modern period and increasing the expected life expectancy increased the frequency of coronary heart disease”. At the end of the seminar, Hospital Complex and Prof. Dr. Thanking Hüseyin Okutan, District Director of National Education Imdat Kızılsekili said, “It is very nice and important that hospitals have such social aspects. Thank you very much for remembering us on such a day. ”